This is a High Intensity workout that will get your heart rate up while strengthening your upper body, lower body and especially your CORE! This workout is designed for the runner/walker/everyday person that targets certain body parts to help keep you injury free during your training and everyday life! 

We use mainly body weight, but also can incorporate kettle bells, resistance bands, heavy slam and medicine balls, boxes for stepping up or jumping on, AND Olympic bars for lifts (if you are ready for that). 

We train ALL levels, ages, attitudes from the beginner just getting off of the couch to the Boston Qualifier!

     Strength, stability, mobility, and conditioning for the endurance athlete, where athletes are built to go longer and   stronger.

Choose from 28 class times!     

Each class is 60 minutes Unlimited attendance  

In 60 minutes of Endura Fit, you will work your cardiovascular system, muscular strength & endurance of the upper or lower body, core, and glutes.

Each workout is unique and is carefully designed to build a well-developed athlete, with the focus on injury prevention.


Our running program consists of 3 runs per week.

TUESDAY (6 pm) is our track workout and takes place at Brackenridge High School. This workout will have you running 400's, 800's, 1200's, even mile repeats to help with your speed and heart rate. 

THURSDAY (6 pm) runs are our mid range run and will have you running 2-8 miles somewhere around town (with our group of course). This is a supported run with water and G2 out on the route. We like to keep the routes fresh and different, and get you to know San Antonio in a different way!  

SUNDAY (7 am) is our Long Distance run! This will have you running 4-22 miles (depending what you are training for) and also takes place all around town. The run is also supported with water and G2 set out on the route. 

Get Fit SATX Boston Qualifiers!
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