Our Summer Teacher Training is a strength, running/walking, nutrition and attitude training to work off that school year stress. This gives you some time to work on yourself, get things back in order and get ready for the next school year. We will have our Endura-Fit Classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and our run/walk on Tuesday-Thursday. If you are serious about making time for yourself, becoming a less stressed, happier healthy you, than this is the place. Up to 6+ workouts a week for 8 weeks (June 12 - August 4) nutritional advice, a workout t-shirt, AND a change in your attitude is just what you need.

Marathon & Half Marathon Training: 

Training dates:  ALL YEAR ROUND

Training Investment: 
Run Training Only            Run + Endura-Fit
12 Weeks $200-paid in full                         12 Weeks $350-paid in full
     (or $75/mo)              (or $125/mo)
16 weeks $275-paid in full                         16 weeks $475-paid in full 
(or $75/mo)              (or $125/mo)

Athlete benefits:
Individualized training program
3-coached runs per week Movement assessment
Nutritional guidance         Injury prevention
Corrective exercise plan           Marathon training clinics
Running singlet                      *Unlimited Endura-Fit classes
Access/referrals to our professional sponsors/partners 

Training for:
RnR New Orleans RnR San Diego
RnR Dallas         RnR Chicago
HEB Run Fest                 Dragon’s Den Half & Relay
RnR Madrid, Spain SA Zoo Relay
Spartan Race (Austin)         Capital to Coast Relay 
Beach 2 Bay Chicago Marathon
American Hero 25K               RnR Athens, Greece      


for the 


in YOU!

Come on out and try us out absolutely FREE! We at Get Fit SATX always want what is best for each athlete. We are sure you will be excited with what we have to offer, that is why we want you to work out with us your FIRST WEEK FREE! Run with us, strength train with us, do both with us, and we are sure you will come back for more!  Click on the MindBody link below to sign-up for your FREE week today.

1333 Buena Vista Ste. 108 San Antonio, TX 78207 210-544-0848

At Get Fit SATX
Personal Training: Get Fit SATX one-on-one training programs can be personalized to benefit not only the beginning exercisers but our advanced clients, as well as those interested in sports specific or post rehab training. At Get Fit SATX, you can be confident you are receiving the personal attention that will help you meet your fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation needs

Why Personal Training

To achieve your fitness goals, a Personal Trainer will provide:

Get Fit SATX one-on-one Personal Trainers are degreed and/or certified professionals who are continuously in touch with the newest information, fitness research, technology and techniques to help achieve your goals. .

You perform better when you are working with another person, especially someone who wants you to excel.

Time Efficiency
You save time by having a thorough workout, pre-planned by your personal trainer.

Accurate Progression of Routine
Your personal trainer can revise your program to maximize results and keep your workout fresh and motivating.

The best athletes in the world have coaches. Why? Because coaches make sure athletes use proper form and safe technique during all aspects of training. A positive change in technique, however small, can make a big difference in your performance.

Since our personal trainers watch for proper form, this helps reduce the risk of injury. Your safety is a top priority at Get Fit SATX.

When you know your Get Fit SATX trainer will be there each week, ready and encouraging, you are more likely to take seriously this partnership for your personal fitness. It means a commitment from us and from you!


Stephanie R. De Leon, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, CDE is a registered and licensed dietitian who specializes in weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular health, wellness, and disease prevention. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Health Coach and Board Certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She was awarded a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, a program offered by the Commission of Dietetic Registration. Stephanie looks forward to helping you add sports nutrition into your training program. For more information, contact her at


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